Thursday, March 22, 2007

Harmony Day

This year, 2007, our school has chosen Harmony Day to plant the Herb Spiral in the Eco Learning Area. This garden combines the herbs and edible plants of different cultures in the same way that our school combines and celebrates the different cultures within Australian society.

Before and after:

As our herbs grow together in one spiral they will provide food and shelter for a variety of creatures, from small insects to large lizards.

The plants will provide nectar for bees; the bees will spread pollen for the plants; the growing plants will provide ingredients that we can take home and cook, and the garden will provide a place to learn about nature, growing and changing.

This is harmony in nature.

And just as we will need to work on the herb spiral to keep out
weeds, to water and nurture the plants, we also need to work on our behaviour in society, weeding out bad behaviour and saying 'no' to racism.

This diverse garden bed is a physical symbol of cultures existing and working together in harmony.

This is harmony in society.