Friday, August 24, 2007

Colours of Spring

It might be technically winter but Spring is all around us in the ELA! Native plants are sporting gorgeous pinks and purples (Indigophora and Hardenbergia plants).

Rocket and broccoli have gone to flower, creating a very attractive garden for the bees.

Strawberry plants in the herb spiral are starting to produce fruit and the spinach looks more like an artwork than a vegetable!

Spuds galore

Keen eyes observed that the potato crop was ready for harvest. It wasn't just the wilting leaves that were the sign of ripeness. Potates seemed to be bursting out of the ground throughout the garden bed.

Word spread, and soon a bumper crop was harvested. The produce was stored in the cool dark interier of the school while a plan was hatched for a feast!

Towards the end of term the spuds (parboiled by enthusiastic parents) were barbecued with olive oil and rosemary (from the herb spiral, of course).

Chef Peter cooked an enormous number of spuds while students and parents queued up for serve after serve of the delicious potatoes.