Saturday, March 24, 2007


As an extension of enjoying nature at school we have invited parents and children on bushwalks in the nearby valley.

The inaugural Ferncourt bushwalk set out on 2 March and there are now five reliable witnesses (including one school principal) to attest that there is a wealth of bush within walking distance from the school. Walkers encountered mangrove swamps, fern-lined gullies and Angophora (Sydney Red Gum) forests. There were unique geological formations, all manner of spiders and for the bird watchers: pied cormorants, blue wrens and red-browed finches. The walk took 1.5 hours.

The second walk was intentionally shorter so that children could participate. And although the distance covered was greatly reduced, the walk nevertheless took two hours as the children stopped to examine every millipede, bug and fungus that appeared after recent rain. There was much shouting with enthusiasm at every new discovery so it was not the ideal day for locals to have a quiet moment with nature. But the walkers we encountered seemed very approving of youngsters getting involved.

The children were fearless and agile climbers who braved the top of Nannygoat hill to enjoy the fabulous view.

A magnifying glass proved essential equipment for the studies that were undertaken!