Thursday, March 12, 2009

Lunchtime Garden Club

Lunchtime Garden Club was established in 2009 as a way of keeping up with all the growth in the ELA. Not only is there a lot of produce to harvest but there are many weeds to keep in check too.

Students are taught how to pull out weeds with their roots and how to shake off excess soil close to the ground (so it doesn't end up in eyes and mouths). They are also encouraged to distinguish between weeds and other plants but sometimes you have to be quick to intercept as a native grass can look just like any other grass to an enthusiastic kid!

5 March - students weed the long side garden, preparing it for a potato crop.

5 March - students and Mrs Scott pick basil leaves for pesto making.

12 March - students gather around the pasta bowl to try the pesto spaghetti.

12 March - students sit quietly and listen to gardening instructions before dividing into groups to weed, harvest beans or prepare the potato patch.

12 March - the bean crop and the small fraction of the harvest that wasn't consumed on the spot.